A little about No Worries

"No Worries – the essential Guide to Living in Ghana", is published by the North American Women's Association (NAWA) of Ghana. Everything a newcomer needs to know.

Ghana, by expats, for expats. No Worries is available both online and in print.

To use this online version, just click on a Section, and off you go! For more information on buying the book, click here.

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FAQs about Ghana

Clock, Time, and Holidays

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is used in Ghana year-round, and there are no seasonal time changes. For example, when it's noon in Accra, it is 7 am in Washington, DC/ Ottawa, Canada during the f...

No Guide? No Worries!

No guide? No worries - buy the book from these stockists:

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At just 40 GHS, you will be getting expat-recommended insider's info and at the same time contributing to help women and children of Ghana.

Want to know more? See here about bulk discounts and here about the NAWA organisation.



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